Three Rivers Lager Collection

We are incredibly lucky to live and work in an area with such incredible bio-diversity, all supported and nourished by the rivers Ouse, Wharfe and Nidd, so we thought it was only right to celebrate this with our latest lager collection - the Three Rivers Collection.

Each beer takes inspiration from life found across the three rivers and its importance in the story of those who have lived here.

We are initially launching an easy-drinking pilsner in Spring 2022, with a non-alcoholic version later in the summer. All lagers will be served in 440ml cans. 

Keep an eye out for further lager launches into 2023 and sign up to our mailing list to be the first time find out.

Coming Soon - 5K Mini Kegs!

Three Rivers Lager Collection
Crisp, clean and refreshing ... our Pilsner Lager is an easy-drinking affair.  The power of the P...
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